Bestetti and Associates Design  Herman is synonymous of elegance and class like a tailored suit that pays no attention to the whims of fashion, like a piece of music that never fades or a precious and coveted jewel, or like the tuxedo of the famous secret agent in the movies. A sofa with an evergreen design, with undisputed and indisputable comfort, attention to every single detail and able to seduce even before sitting down.  Herman is visually harmonious with its horizontal lines and the clever geometries of the shapes.  It is lightness and charm for the open base and punctuated by metal feet in an attractive and distinctive finish.  It is high level comfort due to the generosity of the seat, the combination of Memory Foam in the seats and feathers in the back cushions  and the unparalleled support of the elastic webbing.  Finally, Herman expresses all its beauty in the leather upholstery which enhances its aesthetics, invites you to touch it and represents the highest level of craftsmanship in the creation of an excellent sofa.  Bestetti and Associates were created by its founder Kicco Bestetti. Milanese architect, in contact with the Milanese designers of the 1980s, he created works with the best-known names in the Italian fashion and design industry. In 2003 he founded Bestetti Associati, collaborating with the most famous design schools in the world and creating creations for MDF Italia, Paola Lenti, Baxter, Molteni & C. Dada, Giorgetti, Poliform Varenna and others.