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A new,
long life


A new,
long life

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The new collection
of eco-friendly fabrics

Improving the future of the planet by reducing the impact of products on the environment: the Chateau d’Ax challenge starts with natural fabrics or those made from regenerated materials.

A better future
starts with raw materials

Re-introducing textiles into the production process, regenerating them and giving them new life:
this is what we call Circular Economy, a smart way to reduce waste and pollute the planet as little as possible.

Thorough design analysis, in-depth attention to detail and the ability and flexibility to develop both the settings and elements conceived by the architects both virtually (through rendering) and in reality (using mock-ups), make it possible to optimise times and costs during the production stage.

Everything starts with a PET bottle

PET 100 and PET 70 are the fabrics made using recycled PET bottles. Did you know. About 18 meters of PET 100 are made from 500 bottles, enough to make the upholstery for a living room in a 3+2-seater composition.

Thanks to an innovative mechanical process, a recycled and further recyclable polyester yarn is obtained: no chemical agents of any kind are used during production..

Tough and flexible

Fabrics made from Bamboo viscose are naturally bright and shiny, almost silky. This is due to the smooth, rounded structure of the fibers, which also makes them soft to the touch and very resistant to bacteria-the plant, in fact, does not require defensive chemical treatments.

An antic fiber

An ancient fiber that has made imperfections the hallmark of its beauty. Linen is durable, thermoregulating and hypoallergenic. Its cultivation preserves the soil and does not harm the ecosystem (also because it is completely biodegradable).

Recycling and regeneration of textile and plastic material

Giving new life to waste from textile and plastic processing, significantly reducing waste generation, water consumption, pesticide use and CO2 production. This is where textiles come from:

Soft – soft and fluffy, a bouclé weave embellished with wool

Tweed – a modern reinterpretation of the classic tweed fabric

Frisée – a unique and precious fabric with a soft and pleasant hand.