Lambert is inspired by the classic fashion of 70s shapes, born from the search for soft and enveloping lines.
Lambert is a true style icon: inspired by the well-known Belgian glassware Company which gained notoriety in the 1970s with a production of vases appreciated throughout the world, the sofa blends soft and enveloping lines in a unique and sophisticated product. Lambert can be considered an entire collection of upholstered seats with an elegant character, full of personality and completely “trendy”.
The research, conducted through the apparent simplification of shapes, enhances the contemporaneity of the large, curved and regular lines. Here, therefore, are rounded shapes that are found in all the elements of the compositions and, without constraints, take on linear, angular or arched configurations. The maximum expression of this idea is the single armchair, also available with the swivel function, as well as the graceful traditional or segment-shaped ottoman. An extremely versatile sofa, therefore, also finished on the sides and back, Lambert is also ideal for placement in the center of any living room, becoming the absolute icon. Corrado Dotti, from Brescia, graduated from the International College of Arts and Sciences in Milan, began his activity as a designer in ’99 with Matteo Thun. He joined the Armani Casa team and after a few years founded the Corrado Dotti Design and Architecture studio in Milan . Since that moment his career as a designer has been appreciated by numerous brands such as Tooy, Natuzzi Italia, DeRuccimilano and others.