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The famous heavy cloth coat, with hood and the characteristic frogs with wooden head, is now a garment made iconic by General Bernard Montgomery of the Royal Navy.
The officer wore a camel-colored one, and shortly after, every British sailor was equipped with one to protect against the wind and cold temperatures.

Chateau d’Ax has drawn inspiration from this piece of clothing, which has marked more than one era, to transform it into an eclectic and surprising sofa. Montgomery, in its essentiality, is a young, playful, versatile sofa that lends itself to any modularity without any constraints.

Its feature, of course, is the particular padded quilt that each seat can “wear” and button with the same frogs as the famous overcoat, displaying a look that is always new and original.

Without armrests and totally finished along the sides, Montgomery furnishes the living room, the bedroom, but also the rooms of the youngest, configuring itself as a single seat, with or without the comfortable square ottoman, or as a small sofa or linear sofa or even taking on the appearance of a cozy corner sectional with no limits of seats. It will then be enough to alternate the padded covers, perhaps with a contrasting cover, to renew the look of our living room.

The design of the Montgomery is made possible by a unique metal structure that ensures stability and durability. Padded with high-density polyurethane foam, Montgomery rests on very low feet that help to offer a low seat appreciated especially by those who live in the living room in a young and convivial way.