In the southern part of the Aegean Sea, among the historic Cyclades islands, lies Naxos, a mythical place that combines gentle mountain ranges, ruins of a noble past and long beaches on a crystal-clear sea.
Chateau d’Ax has imagined all this by designing an elegant, comfortable and charming sofa in its design. Naxos interprets the heights of this Greek island through the backrest profile that is always different and enlivened by the numerous flying cushions provided with the model.

The freedom to configure the sofa according to the space needs of each living room allows you to imagine Naxos in various compositions: from the compact linear to the sectional with or without chaise longue; A square or rectangular ottoman can be placed between the seats and on this you can place, at your choice, a large cushion or a wenge tray, to create plays of shapes and to welcome visitors to this island of comfort with a pleasant refreshment.

The large and soft seats offer extreme comfort that the loose cushions themselves help to emphasize and freely customize. Finally, the slender sloping metal feet, in a choice of grey, brown and polished chrome, lift Naxos off the ground and allude to its gently floating on a sea of elegance and design.

Naxos is available in leather, non-removable fabric and microfiber.