We know well what Beauty is

Within the pages of our history, we tell the tale of a product that is both unique and timeless, speaking of craftsmanship, unwavering commitment, and a keen eye for detail. Every day, we work with great passion. That’s why, since 1948, we have proudly represented Italian excellence on the world stage, a mastery we never tire of sharing.

The pursuit of design, elegance, and the quality of “Made in Italy” remain our fundamental values, always. Just as Bruno Colombo did in his small workshop in Brianza, near Milan, when he began shaping what is now our precious reality. That entrepreneurial dimension, specializing in the production and marketing of upholstery, still astounds with innovative design and refined style after 75 years.

Today, we celebrate our anniversary. Looking back with satisfaction at the iconic elements that have emerged, shaping an aesthetically customizable living area. It’s a unique frame, capable of enhancing and accommodating different styles with the characteristic signature of Italian excellence.

We understand what beauty truly is. We infuse our aesthetic sensibility into every small detail, always ensuring visual harmony. Italian design has inspired creators and designers worldwide, and some trends stand the test of time. Like the Atlantic sofa, an embodiment of absolute elegance with meticulous care and sinuous forms. Then there’s the Nanà armchair, 3D printed, which represents the future, born from recycled materials: a perfect blend of aesthetics, innovation, and sustainability.

Personal taste and evolving family needs have made the living area the warm, beating, and human heart of our homes, reflecting the evolution of society and tastes over time. Ours is a comprehensive housing project that encompasses an infinite variety of furnishing solutions capable of realizing any idea. A success that, for over 75 years, has opened doors to international markets, with a presence in more than 80 countries worldwide, allowing you to furnish your home following the unwritten rules of Italian elegance.

Our sofa has always been there in these years. How many shared moments, experiences, hugs, dreams, and tears of joy. United and never apart, together in soft comfort, as we watched history write new pages.

Between the pages of the book that tells our story, many collaborations have sprung up with architects and designers. Opportunities to find a meeting point between craftsmanship and high-end pure design, spaces, and architectures.

Our commitment to trends in living is affirmed through the choice of sustainable and innovative products built to last, reducing the consumption of raw materials and the energy needed to produce them. We firmly believe in the value of circularity, artisanal tailoring, and timeless beauty as the voice of Italian passion.
A space for solitude, sharing, rest, a refuge, a respite from the world’s race. A witness to hopes that will become realized dreams.

Happy to continue embracing all the most beautiful moments.

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