Create a space dedicated to what we truly need

Create a space dedicated to what we truly need.

In life, as in our homes. Many people over time become dried leaves to be cut away, making room for new energy. How many accumulated elements that we no longer need occupy corners of our living room that deserve a breath of fresh air.

There is a word that aptly describes all this: “decluttering,” which combines “clutter” – indicating disorderly objects – and “de” – used in English to denote removal. So, the action of organizing what is in disorder to free up space and improve the order of an environment, making it cleaner and more functional.

How to start? First, by asking oneself what is truly important. Assessing the value of objects, determining their utility, and then deciding whether to keep, sell, or eliminate them. This process, once the physical and visual weight of disorder is removed, leads to an immediate sense of mental clarity and well-being. Just the idea makes us feel better.

For many, decluttering is a lifestyle: maintaining a home or office in an orderly manner undoubtedly makes staying in that environment more enjoyable. Therefore, let’s begin by disposing of unused and no longer necessary items, donating them to others. From old magazines to anything that no longer serves a practical purpose. Let’s then organize spaces to maximize efficiency. The last step, and perhaps the most important, is to create useful storage systems to keep everything in its proper place.


Imagine an integrated area to organize books, blankets, games, remote controls, and other items. Like our libraries ( Between hidden compartments and intelligent storage, we make environments extremely versatile. Optimizing without sacrificing style and design, with a wide range of models and materials.


Once visual disorder is eliminated, the challenge is not to create it again. It may sound simple, but history teaches us that it is not at all. Let’s commit to maintaining order in the living room or bedroom: dedicating a bit of time every day to reposition objects in their designated places, avoiding accumulation, and therefore, disorder.

Let’s simplify, leave empty spaces that help clear the mind. Let’s create useful corners of tranquility, perhaps for meditation. Where there were once randomly placed objects, let’s add a green plant that helps connect us to the harmony of nature. Few consistent precautions to follow, and our home will become a warm place, capable of welcoming us and providing harmony.

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